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City as a Project book out now!

Housing Contemporary forms of life. Final presentation.

What an Apparatus is Not. A Seminar on Biopolitics, with Matteo Pasquinelli


Housing Contemporary Forms of Life. A Project for Tehran

Manet: Images for a World Without People

The Office and the Loggia: Giorgio Vasari’s Architecture for Bureaucracy

The Measure of Turmoil: Dürer’s Monument to the Vanquished Peasants

No Borders for Knowledge! Solidarity with Iranian Students and Researchers in the Netherlands


The Analogous Urbe: Rethinking Cerdà’s Legacy Within and Against Urbanization

The Barest Form in which Architecture Can Exist: Some Notes on Ludwig Hilberseimer’s Proposal for the Chicago Tribune Building

Underground Observatories: on Marot’s Palympsestuos Ithaca

“Digital Neofeudalism:”* Notes on Mario Carpo’s The Alphabet and the Algorithm