End-of-year Presentations


End-of-Term presentations

End-of-Year Presentations

End-of-term Presentations

End-of-term PhD Presentations

Architecture and Labour: Part 3

Architecture and Labour: Part 2

Architecture and Labour: Part 1

A Critical History of Domestic Architecture

How We Became Architects

The Architecture of Homelessness: A Critique of the New York Museum of Modern Art’s Exhibition, A Japanese Constellation

On Conflict, Generic and the Informal: the Greek Case

War within Four Walls: “Familiar Horror” and Domestic Architecture in Athens

Geopolitics of Tabula Rasa: Persian Garden and the Idea of City

The Theology of Tabula Rasa: Walter Benjamin and Architecture in the Age of Precarity

Hannes Meyer: Co-op Architecture

Housing Contemporary Forms of Life. A Project for Tehran

Manet: Images for a World Without People

The Office and the Loggia: Giorgio Vasari’s Architecture for Bureaucracy

The Measure of Turmoil: Dürer’s Monument to the Vanquished Peasants

No Borders for Knowledge! Solidarity with Iranian Students and Researchers in the Netherlands