End-of-Term Presentations

On Wednesday, December 2, 2020, join AA Candidates and Directors of Studies, with guest critics Jeremy Lecomte (ENSA-V), Gabu Heindl (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna) and Gabriele Mastrigli (Universita’ di Camerino) for a day of discussions on ten ongoing PhD theses. Full abstracts here: 201202_PhD Presentations-compressed_compressed Zoom link:


9 AM Qing Liu, “A Genealogy of Architectural Phenomenology and the Issue of (Inter)Subjectivity”
9.40 Gili Merin, “Station to Station: A Photographic Guide to Jerusalem pilgrimage”
10.20 Lola Lozano Lara, “Unity Makes Strength: The Urban Block through Independence and Revolution”
11.00 Mathilde Redouté, “The Harvesters: Understanding the Idea of City through Commoning”
11.40 Elena Palacios Carral, “The Art of Living: The Studio/Bedroom and The Precarious Artist in Paris, 1901 – 1936”


14.00 Aylin Ayşe Tarlan, “Digital Cartography: A Tool for Demarcation, Management and Control”
14.40 George Jepson, “Shining Steel Tempered in the Fire: The Architecture of the Factory, Manchester 1760-1915”
15.20 Enrica Maria Mannelli, “‘Working Slowly’: The Rise of the social worker in late 1970s Bologna”
16.00 Sebastian Clark, “Breaking Ground: Spectres of Locke and the Foundations of Liberalism”
16.40 Claudia Nitsche, “Narrative of Sustainable Architecture: The German Forest as a Contested Territory”