End-of-year Reviews

On Tuesday 20 June, respondents Gabriele Mastrigli, Manolis Stavrakakis, and Mark Campbell will review eight theses – join us for a day of discussion on landscape, architecture, and the citizens who inhabit them.
In the PhD Room, 32 Bedford Square, back room, ground floor, with Pier Vittorio Aureli and Maria Shéhérazade Giudici.

11.30 Brendon Nikolas Carlin
“One-Room Housing”
Thesis: Territorializing Interiors: Non-Typological Housing in Japan

12.00 Ioanna Piniara
“Anticipating the Neoliberal Project: The Case of the Barbican Estate (London 1952-1982)”
Thesis: We have Never been Private! The Housing Project in Neoliberal Europe

12.30 Lukas Pauer
Introduction to thesis proposal: Staging Facts on the Ground: On Territorial Markers in Contested Territories

1 pm Lunch Break

2 pm Jingru Cyan Chen
Thesis: Territory, Settlement, Home: A Project for Rural China

2.30 Olivia Neves Marra
“Gardens as Analogical Reconstructions of the City: Six Suburban Villas in Rome (1503-85)”
Thesis: The Garden as Political Form: From Archetype to Project

3.00 Samaneh Moafi
“To un-make Mehr: A Project For Anjoman-e Zanan-e Mehr (AZM)”
Thesis: Housing the Masses: Domesticity, Governance and Conflict in Iran

3.30 Georgios Eftaxiopoulos
“Permanent Flexibility: Revisiting the Fun Palace”
Thesis: Stasis: Towards a Critique of Flexibility in Architecture

4.00 Davide Sacconi
“The Archetype of the Open”
Thesis: Archetypes: A Project for the Brazilian City