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A seminar with Alessandro Porotto (TU Delft/ KU Leuven) organised by the Architectural Association’s PhD programme, on Wednesday, May 25, at 6 pm UK time on Zoom https://aaschool.zoom.us/j/85453764303… This talk explores the Interwar collective housing projects developed in Vienna and Frankfurt. Hof et Siedlung constitute two alternative typo-morphological models, each of them refers to a […]

Going away to college: Living as a student from medieval university to today A Seminar with Marson Korbi organised by the PhD Programme of the Architectural Association on Wednesday, May 11, at 6 pm UK time https://aaschool.zoom.us/j/82687547655?pwd=QW1ZdEFxQXFYWXYvb0tFTUthZjJNQT0 Once away from the family, for many students living and studying in a metropolis could become a nightmare […]

Dialogues towards an unveiling of architectural agency: a one-day symposium organised by the AA PhD Candidates Friday, November 26, 2021 Governmentality, an expression originally formulated by the 20th-century French philosopher Michel Foucault, combines the terms ‘government” and “rationality”. Government in this sense refers to an activity meant to shape, guide, or affect the conduct of […]

Join us on Wednesday, October 20, at 6 pm (London time) for a seminar organised by the PhD programme of the Architectural Association. https://aaschool.zoom.us/j/85672997105?pwd=TzhEL1lXZGl2MjA3Uk1xTWtrQ1NGUT09 How and where to locate our collective values is at the core of reconciling what it means to live in a pluralistic society. If we understand pluralism as the dialectic of […]

On Wednesday, June 30, join the AA PhD candidates and supervisors for a day of discussions with guest critics Dubravka Sekulic, Thandi Loewenson, Gabu Heindl, Olivia Neves Marra, Matilde Cassani, and Platon Issaias. All abstracts can be downloaded here PhD Crit June 2021  Zoom link below.   9 AM               Anna Font 9.40                  Gili Merin 10.20                Tian […]

Join us on Wednesday, May 12, at 6.30 pm BST for an event organized by the AA PhD Candidates On Zoom, link below “Spatial immensity beggars designation.” – John R. Stilgoe What does it mean to grapple with the immensity of the Americas? The third issue of “Manifest: A Journal of the Americas”, highlights propositions that […]

End-of-Term Presentations

On Wednesday, March 31, 2021, you are all welcome to join the End-of-Term presentations of the AA PhD programme – with guest critics David Burns (RCA), Alejandra Celedon Forster (Universidad de Chile), Adam Kaasa (RCA), Platon Issaias (AA), and Jingru Cheng (RCA). Download the full schedule and abstracts here: 210331_PhD Crit The presentations will start […]

Join the PhD Programme of the Architectural Association for a seminar with Professor Irene Cheng (California College of the Arts). On Wednesday, March 17, at 6 pm London time. See zoom link below. In the 1840s, workingmen in New York City turned to land reform as a primary means to redress the growing inequality in […]

A seminar with Irina Davidovici (ETHZ) organized by the PhD Programme of the Architectural Association Wednesday, February 10, at 6 pm UK time – see zoom link below This lecture examines the bourgeois projections and expectations that underlined the reform of early working-class housing estates in late-19th and early-20th century London. It hypothesizes that the urban and […]

A Seminar with Jacopo Galimberti (University of Bologna) Join us on Wednesday, Jan 27, at 6 PM London time on Zoom for an event organized by the PhD Programme of the Architectural Association. Recent years have seen a surge of interest in the Wages for Housework Campaign, a feminist movement active during the 1970s and […]

Join us on zoom for a day-long symposium organized by the PhD Programme of the Architectural Association, on Friday, November 20 – access link can be obtained by registering here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/god-is-in-the-detail-labour-architecture-and-the-politics-of-construction-tickets-123471048229 The construction of architecture is often addressed as a matter of technical expertise or poetic craftsmanship; seldom is it addressed as a matter of […]

Join us on zoom (link below) for a seminar with Hans Teerds Organised by the AA PhD Programme Wednesday 27 May 2020, 18:00 London time Spatial thinking is political thinking, the German-American philosopher Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) once wrote. It is political, not because it is concerned about a specific space nor place, but since it […]

Join us on Zoom (link below) at 4 pm London time for a seminar with Stefan Gruber organized by the PhD Programme of the Architectural Association, London Commoning the City: Notes on Assembling an Atlas Against the backdrop of the escalating climate crisis, social inequity and political polarization, the failures of governments or the market […]

A Seminar with Philippe Morel Organized by the AA PhD Programme Wednesday, February 19, 6.30 PM Architectural Association London, 33 Bedford Square, First Floor In 2007, Tim Berners-Lee coined the expression “Giant Global Graph” as a definition of web 3.0 based on the semantic linkages of human and machine-created data objects. 13 years later, architects […]

Gardening at Night

Join us at 33 Bedford Square, first floor, front room, on Thursday, December 13, for a day of discussions on the in-progress work of Diploma 14 on the architecture of the garden – with guest critics Sébastien Marot (EPFL), David Burns (RCA), and Pep Avilés (Penn State, editor of Faktur). Morning session 10-13, afternoon 14-18.30. […]

End-of-term PhD Presentations

Join us on Wednesday 12 December at 2.30, 32 Bedford Square, first floor, front room, for an afternoon of presentations and discussions with guest critics Barbara Penner (UCL) and Christophe van Gerrewey (EPFL). You can find all the abstracts here: december18_abstracts Programme 14.30 Enrica Mannelli THE SOCIAL FACTORY Social Movements from Autonomy to Precarity: Italy, […]

A Symposium Organised by the City/Architecture PhD programme Friday 30 November 2018 AA Lecture Hall, 36 Bedford Square The overarching premise of this symposium is to re-frame the domestic space as a battlefield of practices of planning and counter-planning. Its frontiers, those separating the space of inside from the outside, the space for production from […]

Open Research Seminar at the Architectural Association ‘City/Architecture’ PhD Programme Pier Vittorio Aureli & Maria Shéhérazade Giudici The seminar focuses on the history of settlements from prehistory to today seen from the perspective of one of the most controversial issues of human history: the process of domestication. By domestication we mean the complex of practices […]

A Seminar series by Pier Vittorio Aureli & Maria Shéhérazade Giudici Fall Term 2017 Architectural Association, London, PhD Program ‘City/Architecture’ The seminar will focus on a critical history of domestic architecture from its origins to the present. Why we live in houses? Why has this become the predominant way of living? Why has the history […]

End-of-year Reviews

On Tuesday 20 June, respondents Gabriele Mastrigli, Manolis Stavrakakis, and Mark Campbell will review eight theses – join us for a day of discussion on landscape, architecture, and the citizens who inhabit them. In the PhD Room, 32 Bedford Square, back room, ground floor, with Pier Vittorio Aureli and Maria Shéhérazade Giudici. 11.30 Brendon Nikolas […]

A Seminar organized by the City/Architecture Phd Programme Guest lecturer Łukasz Stanek, Manchester Architecture Research Centre Wednesday, February 1st, 6.30 pm Architectural Association 33 Bedford Square, First Floor, Front Room Against the dominant reduction of architecture’s globalisation to “Westernization,” this talk argues that the world-wide mobility of architecture was accelerated after World War II by […]