Gardening at Night

Join us at 33 Bedford Square, first floor, front room, on Thursday, December 13, for a day of discussions on the in-progress work of Diploma 14 on the architecture of the garden – with guest critics Sébastien Marot (EPFL), David Burns (RCA), and Pep Avilés (Penn State, editor of Faktur). Morning session 10-13, afternoon 14-18.30.
At 18.30 you’re all invited to join the Faktur journal launch at the AA bookshop, more info here:

You can read all the abstracts of the Diploma 14 researches here: 181210_abstracts

Francesco Maria Bozzerla
Fantasy is a Place where it Rains: The Garden in the Attic

Jiehui Avery Chen
Writing Out Heritage: Calligraphy and Abstraction in Chinese Landscape Paintings

Love di Marco
Systema Naturae: The Botanical Garden as a Mechanism of Order and Abstraction

Hunter Doyle
Extra Exotic & The Bad Seeds: Financial Speculation and the Invention of Place

Caroline Esclapez
Palais de L’Égalité: A Lens to Examine the Relationship between State, Society, and Space

Noah Gotlib
Silent Spring: The Naturalization of the Corporate Interior

Georgia Hablützel
Different Manors of Husbandry: From Medieval Wastelands to Settlements of the Soil

Tobias Hentzer Dausgaard
Nomos of the Lawn: A Genealogy of the North American Front Garden

Jinah Kim
Ascetic Life in a Worldly Garden: Ancient Monastic Landscape of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Ronghua Lei
Avant-Gardener: Garden Painting and Painting Gardens – the Scholar-Official Ethos

Paolo Emilio Pisano
The Internal Colonization: Garden as Discipline, Control, and Reformation

Ines Tazi
A Genealogy of Oases: Instrumentalization of Water from Settlement to Institutional Allegiance

Andreea Vasilcin
Gentrifying the Florentine Landscape: Giusto Utens’ Lunettes and the Politics of the Medici’s Gardens and Villas