End-of-Term presentations

Join us tomorrow, December 6, at nr 32 Bedford Square, first floor, front room, for our end-of-term presentations with respondents Marina Otero Verzier (Het Nieuwe Instituut), Jon Goodbun (RCA), Adam Kaasa (LSE), Manolis Stavrakakis (UCL Bartlett) and Mark Campbell (AA).

Full abstracts available in pdf format here: 1217_abstracts


12.00 Lukas Pauer, Symbolic Sanctuary Markers: Ancient Megalithic Pillars

12.30 Georgios Eftaxiopoulos, Flexibility Takes Command: The Rise of Free Trade and the Great Exhibition

13.00 Gili Merin, Towards Jerusalem: The Architecture of Pilgrimage

Lunch break

14.30 Cyan Jingru Cheng, Domestic Space and (Non)Family Relations: Three Rural Dwelling Models in China

15.00 Olivia Neves Marra, Garden Plots and the (final) Naturalization of Enclosure, Three Allotments in London

15.30 Brendon N. Carlin, Concrete Voids: Abstract Housing in 1970s Japan 

Tea break

16.30 Ioanna Piniara, ‘The Inner City as a Place to Live’, IBA Berlin 1984/87: Urban Identity Policies for a Divided City in a Globalising World

17.00 Samaneh Moafi, Housing the Masses: Domestic Architecture, Governance and Conflict in Iran