In Progress Presentations

“The City as a Project” PhD program
In Progress Presentations

23 November 2012
BK-TUDelft, Room P

Promotor: Umberto S. Barbieri
Supervisor: Pier Vittorio Aureli

14.00 Amir Djalali

“Architecture of Tendency: The Image of Time in Aldo Rossi’s Analogous City”

Paper from in progress dissertation:
Beyond Public Space: Collective Intelligence and the Production of Common Space

14.30 Francesco Marullo

“University Climatic System”

paper from in progress dissertation:
Typical Plan: Architecture of Labour and the Space of Production

15.00 Bernardina Borra

“Hannes Meyer: Co-Op Architecture”

from in progress dissertation:
Co-Operation as Colletive Project

15.30 Platon Issaias

“War Within Four Walls: A City in Crisis and the Collapse of Domestic Archetypes”

Paper from in progress dissertation:
Beyond the Informal City: The Lump City of Athens and the Possibility of an Urban Common

16.00 Hamed Khosravi

“City as Paradise: The Spatialization of Sovereignty in Early Iranian Cities”

Paper from in progress dissertation:
Camp of Faith: on Political Theology and Urban Form

16.30. Maria S. Giudici

“Via Giulia, or the Street as a Scene of Power, 1447-1527”

Paper from in progress dissertation:
Commonplaces: Rethinking the Architecture of the Street

17.00 Concluding Remarks

Respondants: Bernard Colenbrander, Michiel Riedjik, Tom Avermaete, Lara Schrijver