End-of-term Crit

Join us on Tuesday, March 29, for a day of discussion with guest critics Dubravka Sekulic and David Burns

Full abstracts here: 220329_final

AA members are welcome to attend in person, at nr 33 Bedford Square, First Floor, Front Room, and general audience can connect at this zoom link:

11.30 AM Yunshi Zhou: “Autonomy, Youth, and Countryside”
12.15 Claudia Nitsche: “Designing Heimat: On Wilhelmine Life and Land Reformers and the Forest Grünewald”
14.00 Shiyu Jin: “Postcolonialism and Colonial Built Environment”
14.45 Mathilde Redouté: “Commoning the Land”
15.30 George Jepson: “Legislation and Law: The State and Crown as Agents of Industry”
16.15 Enrica Mannelli: “From the benches to the Centri Sociali: the autonomous subjects and their ‘islands of desire'”