Forms of Reform: London’s Housing Estates for the Labouring Classes

A seminar with Irina Davidovici (ETHZ) organized by the PhD Programme of the Architectural Association

Wednesday, February 10, at 6 pm UK time – see zoom link below

This lecture examines the bourgeois projections and expectations that underlined the reform of early working-class housing estates in late-19th and early-20th century London. It hypothesizes that the urban and architectural developments that distinguish the earlier Peabody Trust standardized estates from the subsequent London Country Council inner-city housing are underpinned by the ideological recodings of domestic, urban, and socio-economic spheres in the space of five decades.

Irina Davidovici leads the Doctoral Programme in History and Theory of Architecture at the gta Institute, ETH Zurich. She is the author of Forms of Practice. German-Swiss Architecture 1980–2000 (2012 and 2018) and editor of Colquhounery. Alan Colquhoun, from Bricolage to Myth (2015), besides numerous scientific articles and anthology contributions. Her research straddles urban and housing studies with architectural theory and criticism.


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