End-of-Year Presentations

Join us and guest critics Manolis Stavrakakis (AA, UCL), Adam Kaasa (RCA), and Platon Issaias (AA, RCA) for an afternoon of presentations from 1.30 pm onwards at 33 Bedford Square, First Floor, Front room
Full abstracts here: june19_abstracts


13.30 Brendon Nikolas Carlin
Big-House, No-House
Towards a New Non-Typological Architecture(s)

14.15 Enrica Maria Mannelli
The City as a Total Factory
Turin and the Fiat in the 1960s

15.00 Cosimo Campani
Legacy of ‘Fabbrichetta’
The Case of Veneto from the 1970s to the 1980s

15.45 Lukas Pauer
Telecommunication Stations
Modern Transmitters, Signal Lines, And Power Projection as Geodetical Practice

16.30 Aylin Ayse Tarlan
Orthogonal Maps
From the Visual to Surveyed Representations

17.15 Ioanna Piniara
Towards an Ecology of the Private
A Manual for the ‘Trigono’, Kessariani, Athens

18.00 Gili Merin
Station to Station
The Crystallization of the Way of the Cross in the Sacri Monti of Northern Italy

18.45 Georgios Eftaxiopoulos
Frangar, Non Flectar
A New Grammar for Flexibility